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The future is now with these sophisticated Focals smart glasses, on pre-sale now.

After all the excitement – and anti-climax – of Google Glass, tech companies across the industry are preparing to launch the real deal, glasses that link you into the digital world without making you look like a tool. One such innovator is North (formerly Thalmic Labs), whose Focals combine good-looks with cutting-edge smarts.

Like something out of Quantum Leap, Focals are custom-built glasses that boast a transparent, holographic display that only the wearer can see. Accessing everything from text messages and driving directions to weather reports and Uber ETAs, Focals’ display floats at arm’s length, giving the wearer the chance to control the digital world while still being part of the real one.

Focals come in two styles (Classic and Round), three colours (Black, Tortoise, and Grey Fade) and offer either prescription or non-prescription lenses. The frames themselves are thoughtfully designed using a combination of the premium materials you’ll find in premium eyewear. These materials, combined with the holographic display system hidden inside the frame, create a blend of design and utility, and the resulting aesthetic is bold enough to make a statement but discreet enough for everyday wear.


Focals are controlled by Loop, a subtle ring that comes in two colours, Black and Copper (just as well man rings are back in). Loop provides an intuitive and discreet way to interact with Focals, and offers access to everything from your phone messages, calendar and reminders, to Amazon Alexa, all of which is brought to bear on a full-colour display or via a small speaker.

Focals cost US$999 and are custom-built using a unique sizing process to ensure a comfortable and attractive fit. The introductory price includes the specs, a Loop, a charging case, and sun clips.

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