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The new EX-8s Connect Bike from Echelon just might be your ticket to a healthier 2022.

It’s a new year and you know what that means – New Year’s resolutions. Many of us go through this process each year, when we conjure up better intentions for the 12 months ahead, ranging from health kicks and new travel adventures to not repeating the mistakes of the year (or even the last night of the year) before. If increasing your endurance, burning off your sinful spare tire, and generally boosting your health is topping your resolution list, you might want to get your pre-ordering finger ready.

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The exercise equipment we utilize is increasingly becoming intelligent and connected, and if that’s music to your ears you’re going to love the Echelon EX-8s Connect Bike, which combines an industry-first curved HD touchscreen with the tried-and-tested format of a stationary bike.

The new EX-8s Connect Bike from Echelon just might be your ticket to a healthier 2022.

The 24-inch screen – which can be flipped 180-degrees to also offer off-bike cross-training engagement – gives the rider access to 40 live classes each day as well as 3,000 on-demand classes, more than a million music options, and a host of scenic videos for when you just want to go for a cruise, all of which are piped through dual user-facing speakers.

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The bike clearly takes its design cues from Tron with 15 eye-catching LED lights that change with the stages of your workout, while a magnet-based system offers 32 levels of resistance and the Track Leaderboard feature tracks your workout data, including time, speed, and output, for later analysis.

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