The French AirPod Killers

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Devialet hopes its new Gemini wireless earphones are just what you needed to pry you away from those Apple AirPods.

The wireless earphone market has never been as fiercely competitive, as the big names that pioneered the technology are now joined on the shelves by a host of phone producers and lesser-known brands peddling similar products. So how do you decide which earbuds are for you? French audio company Devialet is hoping the proof of sound perfection is in the ear of the beholder.

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Devialet, a company backed by Jay Z and billionaire LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault that’s better known for its pricy yet compact home speakers, has introduced the new Gemini series, its first wireless earbuds in two years, hoping to bite off some of the market held by the likes of Apple AirPods and Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Live.

Devialet hopes its new Gemini wireless earphones are just what you needed to pry you away from those Apple AirPods.

Devialet comes to the table with technology both tried-and-tested and new. The Gemini earbuds feature active noise cancelling, a must in today’s constantly-noisy urban environment, but the company has also incorporated patented features. These include Pressure Balance Architecture, which uses cascading decompression chambers within the device to ensure optimal pressure without noise attenuation; and Internal Delay Compensation, which compensated for the delay generated by the noise-cancelling loop; to the Ear Active Matching, which essentially tasks a built-in microphone with listening to ambiant sound and changing the earbud’s audio signal frequency accordingly – 10,000 times a second.

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Dedicated microphones in each earbud enchance voice transmission for when you’re taking calls, while 10mm high excursion drivers ensure sensitivity and low distortion acrosss all three levels of noise-cancelling. An all-in-one-touch button controls playback, volume, ANC settings, and Siri or Google Assistant access, while an impressive 8-hour battery life (per charge) is supplemented by a ‘jewel box’ charging case with Qi charging support.

You’ll also love that the earbuds, using the companion app, which also boasts a six-band equaliser feature, recognise which of the ear tips you should opt for by scanning your ears for the perfect fit. You’re likely to pay a king’s ransom for all this goodness, but the tech, the design, and the brand’s sound cred just might be enough to lure existing earbud lovers away from the big boys.

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