Davidoff’s Limited Edition Smokeshow

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What do Don Corleone, James Bond villains and Denny Crane have in common? Apart from being unconventional, they have a penchant for smoking a good cigar. We think they would approve of the new Davidoff Robusto Real Especials 7 re-release.

Except in Cuba, where they’re a way of life, cigars are often limited to more special occasions – think signing off on that huge deal…or perhaps the birth of your first child. In which case, it’s only appropriate that you mark the occasion with a rare treat. Enter Davidoff’s Robusto Real Especials 7, a revival of a limited edition cigar from days past.

Blending a range of tobaccos from Ecuador and the Dominican Republic, the Davidoff Robusto Real Especials 7 is a vintage blend that offers a silky smooth experience that evolves with every draw.

Davidoff Cigars

Each cigar uses seven well-aged tobaccos which also appear in Davidoff’s Signature, Grand Cru, Aniversario, and Millennium lines. The blend includes Piloto Seco, Piloto Visus, San Vicente Visus, and Olor Seco tobaccos from the Dominican Republic.

Each cigar is finished with a Havana seed wrapper from Ecuador that offers a balanced, complex start to the cigar with notes of earth and walnut. Over a session, the cigar offers a flavourful experience of lemon, cream, caramel, and coffee.

The Davidoff Robusto Real Especials 7 has been re-released as a global limited edition of 8,000 boxes priced at US$631 each.

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