Turning a New Leaf

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The new Davidoff’s 702 Series is the perfect example of wrapper leaf influencing a cigar, discovers Cigar Editor Samuel Spurr.

Davidoff’s recently released 702 Series sees current production cigars wrapped in a new Habano Ecuador wrapper leaf – the product of a unique hybrid-seed that was created using three different Cuban strands of tobacco.

The Signature No. 2 & 2000, and the Aniversario Special R, are among some of the classic Davidoff cigars to be re-imagined with this new 702 wrapper. Essentially, by simply using a different wrapper leaf with the original blend’s filler and binder, Davidoff has reimagined its classic cigars, presenting a line that offers a bolder cigar experience for true aficionados.

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“The 702 series is a bolder taste experience and provides an exciting twist on our most iconic cigars,” says Laurent de Rougemont, managing director of Davidoff of Geneva, Asia. “The replacement with the Habano Ecuador wrapper results in a more intense taste with more pronounced flavours of cream, milk coffee, and spiciness.”

The new Davidoff 702 Series is the perfect example of wrapper leaf influencing a cigar, discovers Cigar Editor Samuel Spurr.

A previous post on the three components of a cigar mentioned the role wrapper leaf plays in the overall blend, especially in smaller ring gauge cigars. I had the opportunity to try the 702 series on a recent visit to Hong Kong, and while the differences with larger ring gauge cigars such as the Special R are more subtle than thinner cigars, there’s no mistaking that these cigars have a very different flavour profile to their regular production counterparts.

Importantly, the 702 Series offers cigar lovers the perfect opportunity to understand how wrapper leaf can impart new flavours and aromas. If you have the opportunity, grab a regular production Davidoff cigar and the same cigar in the 702 Series and enjoy them after each other, or experiment with them simultaneously to better understand the role different wrappers can play in a cigar blend.

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Overall, the 702 Series offers a stronger Davidoff experience for those who love the classics but want to explore a new angle. They can be enjoyed anytime, however, I took a particular liking to enjoy the thinner 702 Series 2000, a five-inch by 43 ring gauge cigar, with a morning espresso.

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