A Little Latin Flair

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One of Hong Kong’s favourite Latin American restaurants, Soho’s ChullsChick, is opening new digs on Wan Chai’s Moon Street.

Hong Kong’s has a little crush on Latin American cuisine and for good reason. The region offers a bounty of flavours and textures, as well as some sensational combinations that seduce palates from Rio to Reading. Now ChullChick, which helped define the city’s Latin American cuisine love affair is opening a new venue in the heart of Wan Chai’s foodie haven.

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Founded in 2018 by chef Abel Ortiz, who cut his teeth at some of Peru’s leading kitchens, including Mayta Lima, the restaurant of legendary Peruvian Chef Jaime Pesaque, as well as the award-winning Central Restaurante headed by star Chef Virgilio Martínez, ChullsChick serves authentic Peruvian comfort dishes that are packed with flavour and innovation.

One of Hong Kong's favourite Latin American restaurants, Soho's ChullsChick, is opening new digs on Wan Chai's Moon Street.

The name of the restaurant pays tribute to Peru’s convivial culture, borrowing the prefix “Chulls”, from the indigenous Peruvian slang word which translates to ‘friend’ in English, while the suffix “Chick” refers to the restaurant’s speciality of “Pollo a la Brasa”, a style of roast chicken native to Lima that’s cooked in specialised ovens.

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Each dish on ChullsChick’s wide-ranging menu features traditional ingredients sourced from Peru, cooked in the unique regional style of Chef Abel’s hometown. Diners can expect a variety of comforting combinations with a distinctive Peruvian flair.

One of Hong Kong's favourite Latin American restaurants, Soho's ChullsChick, is opening new digs on Wan Chai's Moon Street.

These include Ceviche Clasico, raw fish cured in a spicy citrus-based Leche de Tigre to impart aromatic flavours; Causa de Pescado, a mashed potato terrine served with an accompaniment of sea bass tartare; Green Duck Rice “Arroz con Pato”, one of Peru’s most iconic dishes; classic Latin American Empanadas; and traditional Chifa-style Lomo Saltado, which fuses Peruvian Creole cuisine with Chinese-Cantonese influences in a hearty stir-fried meat dish.

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Also look out for the all-inclusive Peruvian Grill, which features a half chicken, chorizo, sirloin steak, and an array of homemade sauces and sides; and ChullsChick’s signature Pollo a la Brasa, a whole roast chicken rubbed with unique Peruvian herbs and spices, and spit-roasted in a specialised oven called “El Rotombo”.

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