Choose the Right Cigar for the Moment

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Cigar Editor Samuel Spurr delves into the art of choosing the right cigar for each of life’s little celebrations and moments.

Choosing a cigar to fit the time and place you plan on enjoying it is imperative. Whether you have a particular event in your calendar or are just planning a day ahead, you’ll get much more satisfaction from your cigar by asking yourself the following questions.

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How much time do you have to enjoy a cigar?

A cigar’s size will generally dictate how much time you should allocate to this noble pursuit. If you’re at a cigar lounge with time up your sleeve, this won’t pose a problem, but if you’re at a venue that doesn’t allow indoor smoking and the weather turns, or you only have a limited window of time, choosing the right one will ensure you aren’t left holding half a cigar. There’s no point lighting up a double corona when you will only have an hour to enjoy it.

If you have made this error and are stuck with a cigar that just started to hit its stride, it’s better to walk away and learn from the experience – don’t even think about saving it for later. This is one of the cardinal sins of enjoying a cigar as they are crafted to be enjoyed in one sitting. Imagine the smoke sitting in the cigar and then re-lighting it much later, or God forbid, the following day. No thanks.

Cigar Editor Samuel Spurr delves into the art of choosing the right cigar for each of life’s little celebrations and moments.

Are you attending a special event?

Choosing that special cigar for a special event is probably the ultimate first world problem anyone will ever face, especially if you’re attending a wedding or dinner where not everyone is a cigar smoker. You don’t want to exclude yourself from the action for too long, especially if you’re the bride or groom – as you’ll be promptly requested to re-join the party.

Such an occasion calls for a short corona-sized cigar or smaller. You’ll be able to enjoy every inch of your cigar, but it won’t keep you from where you need to be. Those serious about their cigars will also carry a few options with them which comes in handy if you’re offering one to a fellow guest. If you plan on enjoying that special limited edition it’s best to wait until any event formalities are over to avoid being interrupted.

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When will you be enjoying the cigar?

Whether or not a cigar is planned for after a meal, or whether it is to be enjoyed in the morning or evening also helps direct you to an appropriate strength of the cigar. Some like to close the evening with a bold cigar, but wouldn’t dare light one up with their morning coffee. Lighter cigars suit as an aperitif and won’t dominate your palate before a meal. A trusted cigar retailer will be able to recommend the right cigar for the time of day.

Life is full of amazing, flashing moments – some with a cigar and some without. Choosing the right cigar for the moment will allow you to enjoy it to its fullest.

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