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BubbleMe is Hong Kong’s first locally-produced hard seltzer and the perfect summer heat buster.

If you’ve also been keenly awaiting for the hard seltzer movement that’s taking America by storm to wash up on Hong Kong’s shores, you’re (finally) in luck, with the introduction of BubbleMe.

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In case you’ve been hiding in a hole in the ground, hard seltzers are big news in North America and Europe at present, as consumers increasingly reach for alcoholic beverages that are light on the sugar and big on flavour. The US has especially seen a huge growth in the hard seltzer scene – we’re talking hard liquor and mineral water in a can – with a raft of new brands, many of which are owned or endorsed by celebrities of varying calibre, ranging from Travis Scott to Gordan Ramsey.

BubbleMe is Hong Kong's first locally-produced hard seltzer and the perfect summer heat buster.

Although it doesn’t come with a celeb face on the can, BubbleMe has launched in Hong Kong as the city’s first-ever zero sugar and antioxidant-rich hard seltzer, which is great news for those looking to carb cut but still enjoy a wee tipple.

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Refreshing, light, and easy on the palate, BubbleMe combines 5% alcohol and a touch of Vitamin C with sparkling water laced with natural flavours. Exclusively available in Hong Kong, the new Skinny Bitch alternative has just 83 calories and is sugar, preservative and gluten-free as well as low in carbs, making it a relatively guilt-free sipping experience with which to fight off the summer heat.

The range currently includes two flavours, Mango-Peach and Lychee-Lime and are great on their own over ice or as a base for low-ABV cocktails.

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