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Wireless skateboard company Boosted has released four new electric boards for likely lads that like to add a little fun to their daily slog.

If you’re thinking of an electric skateboard, you’re probably thinking Boosted. The company specialises in ultra-light electric vehicles and has released four new skateboard models –  Boosted Mini S, Boosted Mini X, Boosted Plus, and Boosted Stealth – that are sure to fit your active lifestyle. Each board features the company’s hallmark performance, safety, and vehicle-grade quality while offering increased durability and a smoother ride – and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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With Boosted’s third generation of boards, the company has taken the deck, truck, and wheel design in-house and custom engineered these critical components from the ground up. The new decks utilize advanced technologies from the world of snowboard manufacturing to achieve greater stability, more responsive turning, and greater vibration absorption, while polymer sidewalls wrap the boards for enhanced durability, and help retain the flex and deep carving capabilities the brand has become known for.

The new custom-designed wheels are optimized for electric skateboarding with a smoother ride and increased carving traction, while the drivetrain has been updated with CNC precision machined trucks to provide increased strength.

Boosted electric skateboards

There’s a board for every rider; the Mini is a stash-and-go board designed for ultimate portability in mind. At less than 30-inches, this shortboard is perfect for weekend riding and features a kicktail design to help navigate road imperfections. The Mini S has a top speed of 28km/hr and an 11km range, while the Mini X tops out at 32km/hr and boasts a range of 22km.

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The Boosted Plus is a classic electric longboard, with a wider deck that provides additional stability and response. With a top speed of 35km/hr, the board is equipped with the extended range battery, providing up to 22km of range, making it perfect for longer trips and epic rides.

Finally, the Boosted Stealth is the brand’s highest-performing board yet. With a higher top speed and lightning-fast acceleration, this is the ultimate getaway vehicle, whether you’re commuting and experimenting with bank robbery. Stealth is the brand’s fastest board, with a new fifth ride mode topping out at 38km/hr, and the increased stability and response that comes with a wider deck. The Stealth comes standard with an extended range battery for up to 22km on a single charge.

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