Vodka with Terrior

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Belvedere has launched its Single Estate Series, two bold new vodkas that capture the essence of their respective terroirs.

There’s not much difference between vodkas – they may be made from slightly different ingredients, in different places, with different water, but the results are usually pretty similar. But that’s an idea Polish vodka brand Belvedere is trying to change with the release of the Belvedere Single Estate Series. The new release features two distinct vodkas – Smogóry Forest and Lake Bartężek – each named for the village of the estate the rye was sourced from, and crafted to capture the distinctive essence of their respective terroirs.

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The Belvedere Single Estate Rye Series represents an extraordinary exploration into the idea of terroir (soil, topography, and climate) in vodka, making the claim that climate variation affects the taste yielded from the same superior Polish Dankowskie Diamond Rye used in each unique expression. The brand selected two of the seven estates from which it sources its rye to illustrate the variation of terroir on grain. When tasted side by side, the two new vodkas deliver demonstrably different taste profiles.

belvedere single estate vodka

Smogóry Forest is made entirely from Dankowskie Diamond Rye grown at a single small estate deep in western Poland. The pastoral region is known for its vast forests, short, continental weather fronts, mild winters, and fertile soils. This lush, forested terroir is reflected in the new distinctive vodka. With notes of salted caramel, a touch of honey and white pepper, it finishes salty-sweet.

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Lake Bartężek is crafted from Dankowskie Diamond Rye grown at a single farm in northern Poland’s Mazury lake district, a region renowned for its crystal-clear glacial lakes, weather shaped by Baltic winds and long, snowy winters. In fact, the rye in this region spends over 80 winter days buried in snow, conditions that add to its character and greatly impact the liquid’s flavour profile. The name Bartężek comes from Lake Bartężek, which runs along the estate’s eastern edge. It is this lakeside terroir that is reflected in this distinctive vodka. With notes of black pepper, toasted nuts and cream, it is full, round and mellow.

The Belvedere Single Estate Rye Series is presented in an eye-catching new bottle with a unique square base that gradually transitions to a round top and a shorter neck.

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