HK’s New Wacky World of Sports

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Realise your virtual potential and earn digital glory at the new AME E-Sports Stadium, Hong Kong’s first e-sports arena.

If you look back, it probably wasn’t so long ago that you were at school where, chances are, sports played a role somewhere between important and life-and-death. While all schools are supposed to perform well academically – they’re schools – some truly pride themselves on their sports programs, encouraging competition and group dynamics, instilling confidence and sociality, and making time for everyone to get outside and compete.

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Fast forward to today and sports take on a new persona with the arrival of Hong Kong’s first e-sports stadium. Now, before you start huffing and puffing about a generation lost to technology, this isn’t gaming per se (although the global rise of that industry does make you hope your broker has no idea who The Eagles were, thinks Scrabble is a Tik Tok dance step, and has no idea where you’ll find a bar where everyone knows their name). Instead, this is sports make believe at its most neon-clad cringe-worthy.

Realise your full virtual potential with the AME E-Sports Stadium, Hong Kong's first e-sports arena.

The AME E-Sports Stadium in Tsim Sha Tsui showcases five main e-sports facilities – skiing, boxing, rowing, cycling, and horse racing, allowing participants to tackle the slalom with the US national team, take on a heavyweight in the ring, or row across Victoria Harbour, just in case that’s something you’ve always wanted to do. Each facility incorporates VR-enabled technology to make the activity as ‘real’ as possible without e-athletes having to actually brave the great outdoors.

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AI and AR technology also allows participates to analyse their performance, fitness levels, coordination, and speed, ensuring that the competitive spirit lives on even if the sociality of actual sports does not. Great for rainy weekends, team building exercises, and those who love staying at the sharp edge of the virtual movement, AME Stadium is available for individuals and groups, with the arena team able to devise a tournament for the latter so that you may still emerge victorious and bathed in glory.

Just leave your lycra at home.

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