Taking Teppanyaki to New Heights

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Elevating the classic teppanyaki and omakase experience, Akanoshou has landed at Hong Kong’s HDH Centre.

The newest creation of innovative hospitality company 1957 & Co, Akanoshou ushers in a new era of elegant Japanese dining to the heart of Causeway Bay. Staying true to the hospitality group’s philosophy of creating unforgettable gastronomic experiences, Akanoshou welcomes guests with the finest Japanese gastronomy, helmed by Teppanyaki Head Chef Chong Wai Cheong and Sushi Head Chef Okura Masataka.

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An industry veteran who has worked at numerous illustrious Japanese restaurants, Chef Chong draws upon his expert knowledge of traditional teppanyaki techniques, cooking times and temperatures to celebrate the finest seasonal ingredients from Japan and beyond.


Highlights include the teppan-grilled Wagyu Sando made with premium Hida Wagyu beef; and the Hida Wagyu Yakisuki, an innovative twist on Japanese sukiyaki with wagyu seared on the grill and served with raw egg yolk; and Crispy Toro with Seaweed Crust, which features unctuous fatty tuna belly complemented by a crispy panko crust. Also not to be missed is the live seafood selection includes the finest catch from across the globe, including live blue lobster and Australian abalone.

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Guests can also enjoy an exquisite sushi omakase experience helmed by Sushi Head Chef Okura Masataka. Born in Tokyo, Chef Okura came to Hong Kong in 1978 and at Akanoshou, serves traditional Edomae sushi in a carefully crafted omakase menu that’s designed to highlight the finest seasonal delicacies from Japan. At the sushi counter be sure to try tuna sourced from two of Japan’s leading suppliers, Ishiji and Yamayuki, as well as the two types of shari (sushi rice) to complement different fish, including akazu (red vinegar) rice for silver-skinned and oily fish and regular vinegar rice for white fish and shellfish.


More than just great food, Akanoshou serves up its classic Japanese fare in a 3,000-square-feet space conceived by internationally acclaimed designer Steve Leung, whose interiors are accentuated by lighting designer Tino Kwan in collaboration with award-winning creative director and graphic artist Ruth Chao.

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Akanoshou translates to “Master of Red”, and the restaurant’s bold and modern design draws inspiration from the element of fire as well as from traditional Japanese art. Red calligraphic brushstrokes are emblazoned across shimmering surfaces around the restaurant, mirroring the energetic flames that dance on the teppan grill.

A juxtaposition of striking colours and materials also heightens the experiential journey for guests as they make their way through the restaurant and into the main dining area, which has been meticulously designed with both form and function in mind. This versatile space seats around 50 guests in total, with the heart being the custom-built teppanyaki areas, which include four private rooms that can be combined into two larger rooms, each seating up to 12 persons.


Another highlight of the dining room is the sushi bar – an elegant space that embraces clean lines and refined adornments, culminating in a striking red marble countertop that pays tribute to the colour of the mighty maguro (Bluefin tuna). The restaurant also boasts an à la carte dining zone, a bar as well as an outdoor terrace for guests to enjoy al fresco drinks.

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Aside from sushi, the omakase menu also features other sumptuous seasonal delights. Especially recommended is the signature Steamed Abalone with Sake. The culinary team wraps the mollusc with kombu and steams it with sake for seven hours until it’s tender and flavourful. At the table, the abalone is placed in a tailor-made dish (the restaurant uses servingware by famed ceramics specialists Kinzengama and Anraku Kiln) and steaming it for a few minutes until it is infused with the flavours of the kombu and sake before being served with a creamy liver sauce.

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