Steps in Italian-French Gastronomy

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Decadent new Hong Kong eatery A Lux combines the best of traditional Italian and French cuisines.

Built during the late 19th century and home to Hong Kong’s last four functioning street lamps powered by town gas, the historic Duddell Street Steps in Central have been an iconic backdrop for Cantonese movies and TV dramas for decades. Not only have the enduring gas lanterns played a significant part in the local filmmaking industry, but they have also brought inspiration to an Italian-French fine-dining restaurant that has opened adjacent to the flight of granite stairs.

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Taking its name from the measurement of illumination, A Lux has been created with a mission to celebrate authentic flavours with a modern spin, delivering special menus that weave French and Italian influences while taking meticulously-sourced ingredients to new heights. 

Decadent new Hong Kong eatery A Lux combines the best of traditional Italian and French cuisines.

Arriving on a quiet Thursday evening, we’re all set to sink our teeth into a six-course set dinner that is laced with the bounty of both land and sea. Elegant and sophisticated, the interior of A Lux is dressed with jade green wallpaper, accentuated with gold fixtures and pale wooden elements. With soothing, dim lighting, beige upholstery, and tables spaced far apart, the tranquil atmosphere is conducive to a romantic date or an anniversary celebration. 

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Kicking off our culinary journey, the amuse-bouche is a crispy squid ink puff with creamy avocado purée filling, topped with Alaska crabmeat and a drizzle of lemon that adds a pop of acidity. It acts as a refreshing prelude to our first course, an exquisitely plated dish of in-house smoked salmon imperial fillet, garnished with dollops of Baeri caviar and edible gold leaf. As suggested, we lightly brush the thick slices with the sour cream and avocado sauce, which balances out the briny tang of the fish and provides a different flavour profile.

Decadent new Hong Kong eatery A Lux combines the best of traditional Italian and French cuisines.

Seated on a velvety bed of artichoke purée, the seared Hokkaido scallop is spiked with black pepper and enhanced by a moreish topping of crisp Iberico ham strips. The lobster bisque that follows is served with flair, poured from a transparent teapot into a sleek deep bowl where a plump lobster ravioli is nestled amidst a thin layer of cognac foam that offers a brilliant injection of sweetness into the rich, decadent soup. 

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The next item on the menu presents a comforting Italian staple reimagined with an age-old French classic, with homemade fettuccine paired with shredded confit duck leg and crispy duck skin. A paradise for truffle fanatics, the al dente pasta is served with generous lashings of the fragrant ingredient, which contributes an earthy depth and complexity.

Decadent new Hong Kong eatery A Lux combines the best of traditional Italian and French cuisines.

For the mains, the first option is pan-fried seabass with a stew of ox tail braised in red wine. While this surf and turf dish seems a curious combination, the alternative is the pièce de resistance. Picking up a lovely char while staying pink and flavourful within, the wonderfully tender ribeye cap is in itself a treat, but the complement of crushed pumpkin just pushes the decadence to a new level, striking a delectable balance between sweet and savoury notes.

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Embracing both tradition and innovation, our gastronomy adventure through Italy and France is rounded off with an orange chocolate mouse and a crème brûlée dessert packed with a ginger kick. For those looking for more distinctive and captivating experiences, A Lux is also launching an art-inspired tasting menu revolving around a collection of contemporary artworks that have recently taken up residence in the venue. 

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