No Time to Drive: James Bond’s Air Miles Revealed

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James Bond has flown over 300,000 air miles according to a new report from interactive Bond guide 007 Atlas.

It’s an increasingly common scene to see James Bond, the world’s most loved spy, flying, both private and commercial. In older 007 films, including Gold Finger and Dr. No, Bond is usually seen either arriving or about to depart from an airport (or jumping out of a plane) but it wasn’t until an innovative collaboration (and comedic cameo) with Virgin Atlantic‘s Sir Richard Branson that we actually saw the super-spy flying commercial, propping up the airline’s Upper Class cocktail bar as he ordered rounds of Vesper martinis in Quantum of Solace.

It makes you wonder how many miles the Licence to Kill has travelled. The answer, according to 007 Atlas, is 337,903 miles across the franchise’s history. It was the incomparable Roger Moore who travelled the most as Bond, with 98,611 miles (he also went into space in 1979’s Moonraker), which is ironic considering how mainstream long-haul travel has become.

James Bond

By comparison, Daniel Craig has racked up 85,778 miles, according to the guide, the result of the analysis of 24 official Bond flicks. With an average of 21,444 miles per film, Craig is expected to take the top spot after the release of that latest blockbuster, No Time to Die. Sean Connery travelled 81,828 miles across his six appearances.

The guide’s atlas also shows where Bond likes to travel, with the US his most frequent destination outside the UK, followed by Russia (naturally) and Italy, perhaps for the lovelies. In total Bond travelled to a staggering 63 countries on Her Majesty’s Service, including Afghanistan, Turkey, Iceland and the Vatican City, with an average of 14,079 miles flown each film. He’s visited every continent except Australia and Antarctica.

James Bond

The total distance covered across all 007 films is equivalent to more than 13 full laps around the equator, or 98 trips between London and New York. 

Talk about the man with the golden passport.

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